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As a business owner or administrator, your time is valuable - and so is that of your employees FDP is your detail-oriented expert assest assigned to complete the tasks and projects that you don't have the resources, or time to do.

- Website Revision

- Business Start-up

- Data Entry

- ERM Services

 And More...

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FDP International can help!

FDP International is the project management firm that will get your company to its goals by giving you access to the same resources and experts as larger firms. FDP is committed to helping you grow and expand by offering cost efficient alternatives to direct hiring, temporary agencies, and those "BIG" consulting firms.

Our qualified, professional staff uses the latest technology and utilizes FDP resources to fulfill your project requirements. Our Experts maintain a reputation for being industry leaders, while providing solutions that won't diminish your bottom line. Our job is to provide time and money-saving solutions so that you and your team can stay focused.

We develop business management solutions with
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