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As a business owner or administrator, your time is valuable - and so is that of your employees FDP is your detail-oriented expert assest assigned to complete the tasks and projects that you don't have the resources, or time to do.

- Website Revision

- Business Start-up

- Data Entry

- ERM Services

 And More...

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Description of Picture.FDP International began in 2005 by providing one-time assistance to a business owner who found themselves struggling to manage a marketing campaign - while falling behind on their essential job functions.  After two years of working, primarily through word of mouth, we realized that businesses had a need that is not provided by other agencies.

In 2007, FDP International, LLC was incorporated and today we continue to provide services that allow businesses to develop by keeping their staff focused on operating functions. We develop individualized project that meet your busiens constraints and provide expert servcie at a highly competitive rate.

To provide quality, affordable business management,
without over-utilizing resources.

FDP provides speedy, effective implementation of projects from inception to completion, allowing business owners and their staff to continue focusing on building their business. We deliver exceptional customer service and will work with you to develop a project that meets your needs and business constraints.

We only hire on a per-project basis, which allows us to keep our operating costs low
- a savings that is passed directly to you, our client!